About Elena VIP Homes

Whether you are buying or selling in the Tampa Bay market, you can trust Elena VIP Homes is focused on listening, serving, and guiding you through the real estate process. 

From listing a property to searching for your family’s dream home to clinking glasses at closing, you’ll experience the VIP difference.

What makes Elena VIP Homes  

Well, almost 



What does VIP service mean? 

Access to the most trusted local resources for lending, cleaning services, photography, and more. Our goal is your complete ease from start to finish. 

Expert negotiation, problem-solving skills, and market knowledge putting more money in your pocket.  

Transparency through the process. You’ll always know what is happening, what the game plan is, and what our next steps will be. 

Stand-out marketing to gain maximum exposure and sell your home for top dollar!

Service with a smile that’s always ready to work for you.

Simultaneous and seamless selling and buying when you need to sell your current home and find the right home.  


The Path

Long before I was negotiating home sales and calling Florida home, I was a spunky 20-something living in bustling New York. After starting college, I left working at my family’s diner to cut my teeth on Wall Street. Later, I fine-tuned my service and sales skills in the casino industry as a Player Development Executive Host for over 13 years before entering residential real estate in the Tampa Bay market. Over the course of my 26-year colorful career, I’ve gained high-end, VIP-level customer service skills that set the precedent for how I deliver client service in real estate. 

La Vita Bella

There are events that mark pivotal points on life’s path. Marrying my husband, moving our lives to Florida in 2004, and milestones with our boys are joyous moments. Other significant life moments, however, may be marked with emotions other than elation. But there is one place we all go to either celebrate life or find peace— home.  

Whether we’re holiday baking as a family, pouring wine with friends, or seeking solace after a hard day, we embrace our beautiful life at home. I wish to give my clients the same level of dedication as I would to my family. Let’s find a house that always welcomes you home or sell your current home for a fresh start for what lies ahead.

 Elena Chinea-Ivani

You already know I’m a foodie who loves a good glass of wine, but a few other interesting facts about me are…

Cheers to the good life, and I look forward to connecting soon!

While having no artistic talent, I am a lover of all things arts. Always ready to explore a museum, catch a show, or listen to good music, each artist needs someone like me to appreciate the medium.

I’m a 9/11 survivor who feels beyond blessed to have this life to live and help others.

I enjoy creating memories whether crafting with girlfriends or traveling the world. .

The youngest of five siblings I have over a dozen nieces and nephews ranging from ages 4 to 40.

The day I moved to Florida was night one of the Friends finale. 

I have an amazing hairdresser here, but I still pay visits to my hairdresser in NYC who has been managing my locks since age 16.  

Professional Organizations